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Other Couples About Wedsly

Emma & Andreas / 2022 wedding
I can definitely recommend Wedsly. We just started and I’m already hooked! It was my friend who told me about it and I am so happy. To start planning a wedding is like a jungle, one can easily get lost, but with the help of Wedsly, you get a great overview and can start with the right things.
— Emma & Andreas / 2022 wedding
Josefin and Joel / 2021 wedding
With both guests and planning teams spread all over Sweden, it was important for us to find an arrangement where we could manage everything for the wedding digitally. Everything from To-do-lists to Save the Date and handling RSVP. With Wedsly, we found what we were looking for! We also appreciate the support we received from Wedsly when we encountered problems or had any thoughts and concerns.
— Josefin and Joel / 2021 wedding
Carin and Marcus / 2022 wedding
We love that Wedsly has comprehensive checklists that help us keep track of what needs to be done and when. We also appreciate getting offers and help to get quotes. Highly recommended!
— Carin and Marcus / 2022 wedding
Simon & Andreas / 2021 wedding
Wow! What an amazing service you’ve developed, and how much help my future husband and I have gotten by using your brilliant portal in the planning of our wedding. We are two extremely happy and proud Wedsly ambassadors!
— Simon & Andreas / 2021 wedding
Cissi and Marcus / 2021 wedding
In addition to all the fantastic tips and ideas in the magazine, Wedsly makes the planning so much easier. It’s a great feeling to have everything in one place. Thanks to Wedsly we’ve saved a ton of both time and energy. And it’s a pretty magical feeling to go mark one more thing off the checklist and see the % increase.
— Cissi and Marcus / 2021 wedding
Cecilia and Tom / 2021 wedding
The absolute best thing with Wedsly is the checklist. It opened our eyes to everything that has to be booked and fixed as well as how much it’s going to cost. Check off things on the to-do list is the best feeling!
— Cecilia and Tom / 2021 wedding

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Wedsly goes international

Wedsly goes international

Do you have a Danish aunt? German cousins? An American groom? No problem! Wedsly is now available in English and coming soon in several more languages.

Advice from Wedding Experts

Advice from Wedding Experts

Connect with Wedsly’s wedding experts via interactive sessions for tips, inspiration and real talk on all your burning wedding questions. Follow us on social media to receive invitations.

Mood board

Mood board

Collect themes, looks, and everything you love in your very own mood board. Display your wedding world as you want it. Smartly linked to Pinterest and a whole wide world of inspiration.

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