Wedding Planner by Wedsly Features

Customized Wedding Checklist

Wedsly Planner’s extensive Wedding checklist is easily created by filling in your wedding date and specific preferences. The checklist will then notify you of all tasks that need completion in real-time, and can be modified as you go along.

Guest List

Wedsly Planner’s guest list function allows you to conveniently add and remove guests with the touch of a button. RSVPs are updated instantly, making it super easy to keep track of attendance.

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Wedding budget

Keep track of your wedding budget with Wedsly’s budget tool. The easy-to-use budget overview gives you a clear picture of expenses paid, planned expenses, and the amount of budget you have left to spend.

Comprehensive overview

The home screen shows you exactly where you are in the wedding planning process. Here, you will find budget details, the countdown to your wedding, as well as upcoming and completed tasks.

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Planner App
Planner App

Plan better together

It takes two! Make planning your wedding a team effort by inviting your partner to plan with you within the app. Share your ideas, delegate tasks, and stay on the same page by working together.


FAQs for New Users

Q: Why should we use the Wedsly Planner app?

A: The Wedsly Planner app is the perfect tool to help keep you focused and organized while planning your wedding. Get started in a matter of minutes and customize your wedding checklist, budget, guest list, and more!

Q: Can I customize my wedding checklist and budget?

A: Yes! Simply add a task or a budget item by clicking “add task/budget item” directly from the budget and checklist screens. Your checklist and budget are completely customizable and can be modified at any time during the planning process.

Q: How is the Wedsly Planner app interactive?

A: The Wedsly Planner app will notify you when you reach a new milestone, when it’s time to focus on new tasks or when a task is overdue. You can modify your progress as you go along and easily update your checklist or share ideas with your partner at any time.

Q: Can I invite other people besides my partner to plan in the Wedsly Planner?

A: Currently, you can only invite your partner. We are working on this feature for a future release of the app.

Q: Is the app available for both Android & iOS devices?

A: The Wedsly Planner app is a native application developed for Android and iOS. You can use the app on any device for free.

Q: What does the Wedsly Planner app cost?

A: It is free of charge with no hidden costs! Plan your wedding for free directly from your mobile device.

Q: When should we start using the planning app?

A: That is completely up to you! You can begin planning your wedding with the Wedsly Planner app at any time leading up to your wedding day. Use all the tools in the Wedsly Planner. Or simply craft your guestlist with us or use our extensive checklist. You decide! The Wedsly Planner app is here to fit your specific wedding planning needs!

Q: How is the Wedsly Planner app different from other solutions?

A: The Wedsly Planner app is built on the experiences of thousands of couples who have planned their weddings with us. We know what works, what doesn’t, and what our users want to see in a data-driven wedding planning app. We want our couples to plan their weddings with confidence. Our goal is to deliver stress-free wedding planning to anyone and everyone. Love belongs to us all!

Q: How do I contact Wedsly Customer Support?

A: Email us at Please include your login email and wedding date as well as information about the issue or question you have. Screenshots are always very helpful for our support team to understand your inquiry fully.

Q: I already have a account, can I use the same login for the Wedsly Planner app?

A: You will need to create a new account and login for the app.

Q: Who has access to my wedding data?

A: Only you and Wedsly have access to your data. Your data is protected by Wedsly in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Q: Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

A: You can read the Terms and Conditions here or in the app, go to … More > Settings > scroll down to Terms and Conditions.

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